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Adding Karaoke to your event -

My custom built DJ system allows me to display song words on screen during a disco. This gets whole crowd singing along.

With your permission, I can hand out some cordless microphones for the guests to pass around. So if I’m playing a Queen song who better than Freddie Mercury as the backing singer! This is an extremely popular aspect of my shows because if the guests struggle to hit a note the original song fills the gap and the dance floor is never cleared by a duff singer

Kamikaze Karaoke Game:

This novelty is great for corporate events, or any karaoke night. I invite confident singers sign up to sing but my music computer selects 5 songs completely at random, the guest then sings one of the 5. This is great fun for everyone else to watch as the singer only learns the 5 songs once they have stepped up to sing. I engage the crowd to cheer along for their favourite of the 5 random songs.

A sound clip of this game can be heard here >

Karaoke Competitions

Whether for a single pub night, national competition or guides jamboree…

I set-up a waiting area, lighting display, professional sound system, microphones, TVs and and where possible a glitter curtain to step through for a ‘stars in their eyes’ Moment! Singers sign up in advance and receive info packs with tips and tricks to bring more supporters to cheer them on (and buy drinks) a really fun noisy night.  The judging criteria I have worked out make judging a fair balance between singing ability and ‘performance’ to give a better show for the audience than people stood on the spot singing.

A 107 second glimpse of just part of what I do. Here are a few snippets from a 40th Birthday party! :)

Posted by DJ Dan Blaze - Dan Blasor on Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Military wives karaoke party was everything I hoped for! :)

Posted by DJ Dan Blaze - Dan Blasor on Monday, 2 February 2015
A massive mix of music is always part of a disco you and your guests make the requests and I  weave it all together to keep the dance  floor busy A karaoke party for the Military Wives choir! In a TINY venue on an RAF base but I set-it up to look like an  established party bar

I had a great night getting the crowd jumping and jiving at the Battle of Britain event at RAF Halton.

Posted by DJ Dan Blaze - Dan Blasor on Saturday, 12 September 2015
Dan Blaze - Karaoke Song Book


I have a unique style of including a sing-a-long!

Who better to be your backing singer than the original artist!

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