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Thanks Paul for taking this video. Happy Halloween AND Happy Birthday!

Posted by DJ Dan Blaze - Dan Blasor on Sunday, 2 November 2014
Chiltern Forest Golf Club Halloween Party & The Bosses Birthday! The first time I used my Flame lights! I think they look as great as this crowd!

Some of the best theme nights I’ve hosted have been open fancy dress!

I can co-ordinate a fashion show style ‘best costume competition’ with each costume receiving their own matching track. I can offer many cheap but very effective ideas to help decorate and dress up!

For a simple but unique twist you can book a UV party where I provide high power UV flood lights and neon face paint for simple patterns. Add some neon to your outfits and the photos look great! The UV package is an extra £50 I can also include personalised neon decorations. (Examples in the videos below)

Please feel free to chat about your plans as I may have hosted a similar event before and I may be able to help with sourcing decorations!

For more information on the sing-a-long aspect and how my unique karaoke style allows

guests to sing along without clearing the dance floor please click the Karaoke link >

How my unique karaoke style works Any party can be given a whole new  dimension with the addition of powerful  UV lighting plus UV face paints and neon outfits karaoke tracks made for a GREAT night!

I had a great night getting the crowd jumping and jiving at the Battle of Britain event at RAF Halton.

Posted by DJ Dan Blaze - Dan Blasor on Saturday, 12 September 2015
Battle of Britain event at  RAF Halton Sergeants Mess  A great night getting the crowd jumping  And jiving at the DJ Dan Blaze hosted a sold out  night of the  greatest 80s music! The crowd enjoyed singing,  dancing, photobooth, food, costumes,  quiz spot prizes and more! Get A Quote Top Of Page


When people dress up, they arrive ready to party!

Themed music, decoration ideas event themed games!

Karaoke Thank you Wingrave !!! This 80s Party Night was One of my favourite events ever!  5.5 hours of partying hard to 80s classics! I've hosted the Wingrave school discos for 12 years+  & the grown ups are just as much fun as the kids!